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What You'll Need

Therapy Session


Prescription/Referral from your child’s primary care physician with ICD-10 code and frequency of visits. Private pay clients do not need to obtain a prescription or referral.

Black and Brown Headphones

Hearing Screening or Evaluation

The hearing screening/evaluation results are received from your child’s pediatrician or other certified professional. Results should be within a year of the evaluation date.  If your child fails the hearing screening, a formal hearing evaluation is necessary for all children before services are rendered.

Speech Therapy

Current Evaluation 

A copy of evaluation reports from an outside provider (such as ST, PT, OT, ABA, Audiologist, Psychoeducational) that was completed within the last 12 months should be provided. If a speech/language evaluation has not been completed in the past year, assessments will be administered to determine present level skills.

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